Airstrip Directions

The Regan Ranch airstrip is a private facility, NOT OPEN to the general public. You must secure permission prior to landing at Regan Ranch. As of August 8, 2006, the FAA location Identifier for the Regan Ranch landing facility is 6ID1.

Regan Ranch Private Landing Field:

The Regan Ranch landing strip is located at N47 38' 36", W116 42' 05", which is 9.5nm on the 150 radial from COE 118.8. Field elevation is 2,700' and magnetic variation is 19E. The field is 2,200 X 40 paved with a 60' rise from 7 to 29. Landing is always on 7 and takeoffs always on 29. The coordinates for TDZ Rwy 7 are N 47º 38' 58", W 116º 42' 29". The field is DAY VFR ONLY. Deer and Elk frequent the field so be alert.

Local altimeter can be received from COE AWOS on 135.07 BUT the winds at COE are never the same, and frequently higher, than at Regan Ranch.

Prior to departure call Regan Ranch 208 676 1922 with ETA to receive landing permission and local observations.

Landing Procedure:

Terrain and trees make Regan Ranch difficult to spot but the freeway bridge makes a good landmark. From 8 DME on the 150 from COE at 3,700 feet head 067 for right traffic 7. Check the landing area for animals, vehicles etc… and rock wings mid field to indicate landing intentions. Turn crosswind over the water and follow the lake on downwind. On final the terrain and the sloping field gives the illusion that you are higher than you should be. Be prepared to add power on short final. Prevailing winds are out of the southwest but usually becomes L&V once you are below the treetops next to the field.

Compare GPS to IAS to estimate wind component.

Plan to touchdown within 400 feet of the threshold (about parallel to the house). If you haven't touched down by the taxiway (about 800') go around.

When in doubt, land at COE and call. We will be happy to come get you.

View from 8.0 DME on the 150 from COE at 3,700 feet. TDZ is in the center halfway from water to mountaintops.

View on downwind. House is in center. TDZ is slightly left of center.

Short Final. Terrain rises about 300 feet from freeway to TDZ.

6100 Borley Road, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814    (208) 676-1922
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