What can we do for you?

  • design and build a fully functional, working prototype of that new product or device you need, quicker and cheaper than you can do it yourself.
  • assist you in developing a requirement specification.
  • present formal design reviews to you or your customer.
  • assist in developing acceptance test criteria.
  • build working prototypes and "beta" test samples.
  • author a comprehensive design and technology transfer package and deliver it in electronic and/or paper form. This package may include; Theory of Operation, Specifications, Software Source Code, Drawings, Bills of Material, Sources of Supply, Assembly Instructions, Inspection Criterion, Operation Guidelines, etc.

There is something else that we will do for you, and it is free. By introducing your engineers to fresh ideas, different perspectives, new designs and methods to discover new and creative solutions to problems, they will become better engineers.

When should you call us?
Call us when your customers need a new product and you don't have the engineering resources to make it happen in time.

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