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  • Drop in replacement End Of Life (EOL) proprietary custom Graphics card.
  • Software emulation of EOL product. No application code changes.
  • Saved client $2M in certification costs.
  • In circuit reprogramable for additional character fonts.


The AXR is a drop in replacement of an obsolete Japanese language ISA VGA board first designed in 1987. The design is functionally identical to the original board (down to hardware bugs and quirks) and can replace the original board without requiring any change to the software. The AXR uses a Xilinx Spartan Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) to replace the two ASICs that were used in the original design.

About This Project:

Since no specifications were available for the original board, Regan Designs developed the product specifications by looking at the application source code, generic documents from the time period about the emerging VGA standard and observing/reverse-engineering an original board in actual use.

The AXR was designed for a medical device manufacturer. In certain regulated industries, it can be cost effective to develop and validate replacement hardware than to modify and validate a complex piece of software.

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