CT-1000, initially known as "Junior", is the fifth generation of IBM PC compatible computers designed for aircraft use. Although CT-1000 is a general-purpose computer for rugged environments its design was optimized to display enroute and approach chart information. It features a 200 MHz Pentium MMX processor, sunlight readable SVGA active matrix LCD, Dual PCMCIA slots, 4.2GB HDD, 24 Speed CD-ROM, 128 Mb RAM, Radiometric Pen Interface, Touchpad Mouse and integral keyboard.

The mounting base is designed to allow CT-1000 to be securely held but easily removed. It has electrical connections for power, keyboard and RS232 serial interface. An optional battery and power pack allows CT-1000 to operate from 10-30VDC aircraft power and provides 30 minute backup power in the event of a power failure.

Regan Designs is proud to announce that Northstar Technologies has acquired a license to manufacture and sell the CT-1000 in General Aviation and other markets. Detailed specifications for the CT-1000 are available HERE.

Read about Junior in USA Today and Portable Design.

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