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In 1999 Regan Designs engineered and produced the first EFIS 2000 for Chelton (then Sierra) Flight Systems. This system was designed for the Experimental Aircraft market and quickly proved to be the gold standard for Electronic Flight Information Systems. In 2003, after certifying the Flight Logic system, Chelton and Direct-2 Avionics entered into an exclusive marketing agreement so that Direct-2 would continue to produce and sell the EIS2000, under the new designation EFIS SV-Sport, to the experimental aircraft market. For comprehensive information on this product please see:  http://www.d2av.com/

Aviation Week & Space Technology
03/28/2005, page 57

Edited by David Hughes

STEVE FOSSETT RELIED ON A CHELTON Flight Systems electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) with a "highway-in-the-sky" presentation, coupled to a three-axis autopilot, to reduce workload during his solo circumnavigation in GlobalFlyer. The highway-in-the-sky guidance is displayed to the pilot on the EFIS as a series of boxes showing the aircraft's progress along a prescribed course. Underneath the boxes is a 3D model of the terrain below the aircraft. The system provided Fossett with key performance and navigation information, and stored the entire flight plan for retrieval and modification as needed. The EFIS made by the Boise, Idaho-based company is flying on a wide variety of general aviation aircraft, business jets and helicopters.

Global Flyer uses Chelton EFIS

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