RBP (Remote Bug Panel)


  • Provides dedicated controls for Heading and Altitude Bugs
  • Dedicated programmable control knob
  • High brightness LED Function and Status displays
  • High Speed serial communication output
  • System Master Brightness backlight control capability
  • DO160E certification compliant
  • 5.25 DZUS rack mounting
  • 6.25 Radio Mounting adapters available


The Remote Bug Panel (RBP) is an accessory to the Flight Logic Integrated Display Unit (IDU) system. It provides dedicated controls for frequently needed bugs, as well as additional controls for selecting and setting other parameters. It consists of a LED dot matrix display and a number of knobs and buttons. The RBP acts as a terminal, reporting the activation of knobs and buttons to the IDU over a serial port and displaying the data provided to it by the IDU. The software that interprets the knob and button actuation and controls the displays (with the exception of the dimming function) resides on the IDU. The RBP has dimming control functionality that allows it to control its own backlight and display brightness as well as that of any IDUs connected to it. The RBP can be connected to act as a filter between the aircraft's potentially noisy master brightness control and the IDU’s master brightness control input.

Installation Control Drawing

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