• First panel mounted, sunlight readable, IBM PC compatible cockpit computer.(c.1996)
  • Open architecture that is able to run third party software.
  • Hardware ancestor of both the Chelton EFIS and the modern Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)


The Aero/PC II (A2) is the third generation of IBM PC compatible computers designed for aircraft instrument panels. The A2 is designed to function just like all those other computers you trip over every day so don't let its small size fool you. Next time the cover is off one of those "Big Beige Boxes" check out how much of the inside is empty space. The A2's designers have removed all the "empty space" and consolidated all the electronics onto a single circuit board. A similar trick was done on the power supply to shrink it to the size of a deck of cards. The Hard Disk, CD-ROM and Floppy drives from laptops were used for two reasons; they are small and light and, because laptops are kicked around a lot, they are rugged.

The A2 has also been designed with expansion in mind. There are provisions inside the A2 enclosure for a PC104+ card. PC104+ cards are available from dozens of manufacturers with hundreds of different functions including; analog to digital converters, digital IO, precision timers, Fax/Modem and sound cards. Chances are good that the A2 can be configured to meet your particular vehicular computing needs.


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