Air Data Computer


  • RVSM capable Altimeter, Airspeed and Outside Air Temperature
  • Cabin Pressure monitoring
  • Quad fuel flowmeter monitoring capability
  • Designed to TSO-C106 and DO160E
  • RS232 and ARINC429 serial outputs
  • Secondary differential pressure ports for AOA


The ADC is designed to provide air data information to a primary flight display computer. In addition to air data information, the ADC also provides information about fuel consumption and status of 3 digital inputs.

The ADC provides the following information:

  • Primary Pressure Altitude
  • Secondary Pressure Altitude (cabin altitude)
  • Primary VSI
  • Secondary VSI
  • Outside Air Temperature
  • Airspeed
  • Secondary Differential Pressure (AOA sensor)
  • Fuel information (fuel consumed and fuel flow)
  • Status of digital inputs
  • Primary altitude in 10 bit Mode C gray code

In order to measure the above parameters, the ADC requires the following connections:

  • Aircraft’s primary static system
  • Aircraft’s primary pitot system
  • Cabin pressure
  • Secondary static system (or top of wing pressure port)
  • Secondary pitot system (or bottom of wing pressure port)
  • Power
  • Outside Air Temperature (OAT) probes.
  • Fuel flow transponders
  • Appropriate connections for the digital inputs

The ADC provides its outputs on four serial buses and one digital port:

  • Primary serial port for primary flight display computer
  • Secondary serial port for devices like moderns transponders and GPS units
  • Proprietary serial bus for future devices like display heads and autopilot interfaces
  • AIRINC429 output for AIRINC429 capable devices
  • Primary altitude in 10 bit Mode C gray code for legacy transponders


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