Flight Logic


  • 3D synthetic vision lets you "see" in difficult weather and low visibility conditions.
  • Highway In The Sky (HITS) creates a 3-D "tunnel" to fly through, making flight plan execution and instrument approaches nearly effortless.
  • Terrain Awareness/Warning (TAWS)
  • Integrated Flight Information/Displays
  • Cost effective. Integrated system can cost less than standalone devices
  • More sophisticated than state-of-the-art flight decks on commercial airliners.


Flight Logic displays your aircraft's position and location even when visibility is poor due to weather or low light. You'll "see" surrounding terrain and your proximity to potential hazards. Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS) creates a virtual tunnel, a series of rectangles, through which you fly to execute your flight plan. Flight Logic replaces an array of instruments and displays, reducing pilot fatigue and response time by giving the pilot one source of integrated information. Multiple, flexible views accomodate pilot preference. Since only one instrument is installed, Flight Logic can be less costly than the array of devices it replaces: flight instruments, GPS WAAS, moving map, terrain display, weather display, traffic display, fuel totalizer, master voice warning, timers, and more.

Flight Logic surpasses anything on the market, and it's TSO'd and STC'd for installation in over 400 different models of aircraft.

About This Project:

Regan Designs worked closely with Chelton during the bid and proposal phase of the Capstone program. During that process it became evident that in order to be compatible with the large variation in installation configurations, the Integrated Display Unit (IDU) would need to be 6.25" wide so that it would fit into a standard width radio rack opening. While functionally based on the previously designed EFIS 2000 (IDU-I), the new design (IDU-III) would be a completely new design that would accommodate the new form factor as well as pass stringent DO-160D environmental tests. The IDU-III would also be designed to pass the newest lightning immunity tests. Chelton won the Capstone program, certified the IDU-III and is now widely considered the  best system available at any price.

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