Lancair IV-P

download the article (pdf 23MB) published in Sport Aviation, December 1996


The Lancair IV-P Experimental Aircraft shown here was built by Brent Regan and flown by him in the 1996 Great Cross-Country race where it won first place overall and set a new world record. This aircraft (N170BR) has been featured in numerous articles and has won several awards for workmanship and quality. N170BR is frequently used to commute to clients and suppliers in the 11 western states. N170BR is powered by a twin turbocharged 540 cubic inch Lycoming engine and can cruise at 345 MPH at an altitude of 29,000 feet for over 1000 miles. The pressurized cabin has room for four adults. Read more about the Lancair IVP in the Aircraft Performance Report by the Cafe Board.

Lancair IV-PLancair IV-P

Lancair IV-PLancair IV-P

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