Brent Regan, Curriculum Vitae

Many projects not listed here can be found on the Regan Designs project page

Redmond winner, 2003
Wins Redmond 100 air race

Redmond winner, 2001
Wins Redmond 100 air race

Electronic Flight Bag, 1998
Designs first practical Electronic Flight Bag for transport aircraft (CT1000)

Aero PC, 1997
Develops Aero PC, panel mounted PC for aircraft.

Cardiac stabilizer, 1997
Coinvents thoracic surgery cardiac stabilizer

Builds second Lancair aircraft, 1997
Completes second Lancair IV-P. Wins second Outstanding Workmanship Award at Oshkosh.
Lancair website

Patent, Cardiac Stent, 1997
Patents Cardiac Stent Deployment system

Regan Designs, 1996
Founds Regan Designs. Regan Designs project page.

Oshkosh award, 1996
Receives Oshkosh Outstanding Workmanship award for Lancair IV-P

Oshkosh race winner, 1996
Wins Great Cross Country Race from Denver to Oshkosh, setting new record.

Instrument Pilot, 1996
Earns Instrument Pilot Rating

Builds Lancair aircraft, 1995
Completes Lancair IV aircraft.

Aircraft engine installation development, 1994
Develops Lycoming aircraft engine installation for the Lancair IV. article (pdf)

Pilot's License, 1993
Earns Private Pilot's License

MENSA membership, 1993

Schilling Development sold, 1992
Sells Schilling Development to GEC Alsthom (now Alstom)

SBIR grants, 1991
Awarded Phase I, II and III SBIR grants for Robotic Tool Change Interface

Atlas Telemanipulator, 1990
Develops high performance force reflecting Atlas telemanipulator for hazardous environments. System features tool interchange of end effectors.

Titan II servohydraulic telemanipulator ,1987
Designs Titan II high performance servohydraulic telemanipulator for benthic and hazardous environments.

Diffusion Bonding development, 1986
Develops Diffusion Bonding process for titanium components used to make "Hydraulic Circuit Boards"

General Contractor, 1986
General Contractor for 4,500 sq ft. personal dwelling

Schilling Development cofounder, 1986
Cofounder of Schilling Development. Director of Engineering. Designs Titan 7F high performance servohydraulic telemanipulator for benthic and hazardous environments.

Servohydraulic camera, 1985
Designs and builds servohydraulic camera pan and tilt for robotic submarine.

Aircraft engine modification, 1985
Develops performance improvements for air cooled rotary (Wankel) aircraft engine

Daytona competitor, 1984-85
Designs and builds GTP Light car and competes in the 24 Hours of Daytona

Porche Direct, 1984
Founds Porsche Direct foreign automotive parts import business.

Sears Point Raceway winner, 1984
Wins 4 hour endurance race at Sears Point Raceway. Only team to win twice.

Mazda Wankel engine rotor, 1983
Develops Ceramic coated rotor for Mazda Wankel engine. Car wins class at the 24 Hours of Daytona

USARM award, 1983
USARM (United States Auto Race Marshalls) Competitive Achievement Award

Sears Point Raceway winner, 1983
Wins 4 hour endurance race at Sears Point Raceway

Nelson Ledges auto race, 1980
Manages and co-drives 3 car team at the Nelson Ledges 24 Hour Enduro. Finishes 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Race car tuning and racing, 1979
Founds Porschetech Inc. High performance automobile tuning and racing. Grows from 400 sf. garage to 6,000 sf. facility including performance shop, engine dynamometer, machine shop, three service bays and body & paint shop. Specializes in performance upgrades and race car maintenance and preparation for Porsche and Mazda automobiles.

Electric car, 1977
Designs and builds electric commuter car

Battery scooter, 1973
Builds battery powered underwater "scooter "

Scuba, 1973
Receives Scuba Diver Certification