Who We Are

"Experience has taught me that great engineers are like guerrillas - smart, dissatisfied with the status quo, aggressive, willing to risk failure, and driven to excel. When they fight battles their own way, they win, but march them in formation, and you take away their advantage."
---Ron Mancini, EDN Magazine

Who Are We?
We are a cadre of guerrillas, smart, successful and entrepreneurial engineers with broad practical experience. We are the problem solvers, the A-Team, the guys you want when you have a big problem and a short time line.

Why should you call us?
Because we can turn your requirements into reality and there is nothing, not 3D CAD models or FEA plots or simulations or mockups, which will give you more credibility than a working example. It is the "Existence Proof" that instantly changes "It can't be done." statements into "When can we have that in production?" questions. Drawing from decades of experience, Regan Designs can deliver a working prototype at a fraction of the cost and in less time than it takes many companies to develop the specifications for the product.

If you are a "Hardware Products" company the reality is that your engineering department is not only responsible for designing products, but also for supporting them. A large part of your best and the brightest engineers' time is spent on sustaining engineering for existing products that are vital to the company's bottom line.

If your company offers a product that relies on third party hardware you may be presenting a sub optimal solution to your customers. Is the hardware you are associated with optimized for your products? Could you be more successful if it were?

Regardless of the type of company you are, would you benefit from having an example of the right hardware to present to your customers, suppliers and investors?

Call us to discuss your requirements, or email brent@regandesigns.com

Find out more about our backgrounds and experience at partner profiles.

Words to Design By

Ponder This:

  • Inanimate object, sooner or later, must respond to reason.
  • All problems start in the design phase
  • Show me the data.
  • One test is worth a thousand expert opinions (and harder to get.)
  • Design for the acceptance test.
  • Fix the problem, not the blame.
  • When you have removed everything you can, 
    AND the device still meets the specification, you are done.
  • Have a plan for when it fails.
  • Quality happens when you have a keen memory for pain.
  • You don't achieve quality by inspecting for it.
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